Joshua Frankel

Plan Of The City
13 minutes

"One of the best matches of visuals to music I have seen."
-- Anne Midgette, Washington Post

-- Alex Ross, New Yorker critic, online at The Rest Is Noise

Selected Exhibitions:
London Institute of Contemporary Art, Library Of Congress*,
BAM*, UN World Urban Forum, onedotzero,
(* presented with music performed live)

This film is growing into a new opera about Robert Moses and Jane Jacobs.

Plan of the City is an animated film, conceived and directed by Joshua Frankel, about the architecture of New York City blasting off into outer space and resettling on Mars. The film's visuals are an animated collage combining live action footage, animated elements, illustrations and treated photographs, including photos taken by the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity made available to the public domain by the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

A series of silkscreen prints based on imagery from Plan of the City can be viewed here.

Plan of the City was created in collaboration with composer Judd Greenstein and NOW Ensemble, an acclaimed "indie classical" chamber ensemble; the ensemble, including Greenstein, feature prominently in the film as live actors set inside the animated framework.

The audio of the film consists solely of Greenstein's Change, performed by NOW Ensemble; Change and Plan of the City were created in parallel, each expressing its own artistic intention while simultaneously serving its "sibling".

The film has been presented with the music performed live, timed to the film, at the Library Of Congress' On LOCation performing arts series, at the Crossing Brooklyn Ferry festival at BAM and at Le Poisson Rouge in New York City. It also exists as its own stand-alone entity, utilizing NOW Ensemble's recent studio recording of Change (out on New Amsterdam Records).

Plan of the City has been made possible by a generous grant from the New York State Council on the Arts and is the winner of the Arch Film Lund award.

Washington Post
Huffington Post
Alex Ross/The Rest Is Noise

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Director: Joshua Frankel

Music: "Change", composed by Judd Greenstein and performed by NOW Ensemble

Cast: Sara Budde, Patrick Burke, Logan Coale, Mark Dancigers, Judd Greenstein, Michael Mizrahi, Alexandra Sopp, Susie Simpson, Celia Au, Jonthan Chang, Dan Chen, William Lex Ham, Ting Hu, Tammi Lee, Doua Moua, Rachel Shapira

Producer: Elissa Federoff
DP: Clayton Combe
Choreographer: Will Rawls
AD: Rachel Horlick
Key Grip: Christopher Fisher
Gaffer: Justyn Davis
Props: Eve Biddle
Script Supervisor: George Westberg
Stylist: Jenni Shaw
Asst Stylist: Julianne Laney
Casting Lauren Charkow
PAs: Clark Frankel, Daisuke Kasagawa, John Kitsis

Edited by: Joshua Frankel and George Westberg

Greenscreen Keying and Rotoscoping: Spline VFX
VFX Supervisor: Leslie Chung

Tools Development: Clay Budin, Dan Fast

Digital Artists: Dave C Frankel, Carolyn Frisch, Rio Harrington, Minwoo Lee, Suzanne Porush, Hyun Jung Ra, David Sarma, Adam Yost

Studio and Invaluable Support provided by My Active Driveway

Images of Mars Courtesy of NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Caltech

Made possible with a generous grant from New York State Council On The Arts